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Network Care

The technique used at Levity is called NetworkSpinal. Previously called Network Chiropractic and Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), continued research and refinement of the technique prompted new perspectives, objectives and outcomes – and a new name.

Network “adjustments” are called Spinal Entrainments. They are very gentle, almost “no force” contacts on the spine that prompt a measureable response. Some of our practice members describe the experience as if their body is “self correcting”.

What we assess for at the beginning of care, and every session, are patterns of mechanical tension in the body that impact the Brain and Spinal Cord. Stretching of the spinal cord and nerves alters its tension and the communications carried between the brain and the body.

It is incredible to see the changes that can occur for people who have been dealing with chronic pain patterns. Even more exciting are the quality of life improvements that occur when peoples’ structure and function change.

Every day at Levity Chiropractic we see

“The shape, position and tone of your spine is in relationship to the shape, position, and tone of your life.”

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Becca Lehrer

A bit about me and what I love and value in practice

My true passion is working with the whole person. I am fascinated in what the body tells us about the experience of the person, and how working with the body influences so many aspects of someone’s experience in the world.

It is my philosophy that Chiropractic is a tool that helps people become more flexible in their patterning – physical, emotional, mental and more. When our patterns become less fixed we develop more connection with ourselves and start to express the version of ourselves that is more authentic, rather than the patterns we have adopted in response to our lived experience (and/or trauma).

Both the process and the outcomes are so valuable. The process can empower us, bring us so much more resourcefulness and learning – we can become central to our own story and start to move forward with purpose and curiosity. The outcomes mean we have so much more to give in a more sustainable way.

This is why I chose Levity as the name for my practice: When our system is more functional, everything is lighter! Our bodies feel easier and lighter, our thoughts and emotions and stories are lighter.

Becca graduated from RMIT in 2006 and has been studying NetworkSpinal ever since.

Becca Lehrer - Levity Chiropractic


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Levity Chiropractic acknowledges the Whadjuk Nyoongar people as the Traditional Owners of the lands and waters where Perth is situated today, and pay our respect to Elders past and present. We acknowledge that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sovereignty has not been ceded.